• L'incendie de Californie vu du ciel


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    Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 18:47
    Bonsoir et pour infos http://sciencesetavenir.nouvelobs.com/espace/20130509.OBS8559/il-faut-etablir-une-presence-humaine-permanente-sur-mars-d-ici-2040.html
      • Ferlin1 Profil de Ferlin1
        Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 19:06
        Salut neo. Je ne l'espère pas, vu le bordel ici bas...
    Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 18:54
    Ring of fire eclipse on May 9-10 Those in the Australian outback and parts of the Pacific will be able to view an annular solar eclipse. Elsewhere, a partial eclipse. Animation shows smoke from California’s Springs Fire NASA satellite imagery was used to create this 17-second animation, a view from space Reversal of the black widow myth The tendency to consume a potential mate is also true of some types of male spider. New analysis suggests wind, not water, formed mound on Mars Scientists suspect that a roughly 3.5-mile high Martian mound preserves evidence of a massive lake. Find star cluster M13 in constellation Hercules M13 is a densely packed globular cluster of about 300,000 stars, more than 25,000 light-years from Earth.
      • Ferlin1 Profil de Ferlin1
        Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 19:06
    Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 18:58
    Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 19:06
    Watch the May 9-10 solar eclipse online From the comfort of your couch or desk ... Large fireball seen May 8, 2013 over England and Wales Was it a piece of Halley's Comet? East of International Date Line, ring of fire eclipse happens May 9 Maps, times, info. If you're in Australia, the eclipse happens after sunrise May 10 If you're there, click here. Why aren't there eclipses at every full and new moon? There are four to seven eclipses every year.
    Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 19:09
    Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 20:46
    merci,néo pour ces liens !! trop cool......
      • Ferlin1 Profil de Ferlin1
        Jeudi 9 Mai 2013 à 21:21
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